The Benefits of Moving Into a Small Apartment in Frisco

Living in a spacious apartment can feel relaxing when you get to enjoy high ceilings, large windows, and a clutter-free existence; however, sometimes moving into a small apartment can prove beneficial. It’s often easier to take care of a smaller Frisco apartment, and you may also find that a number of your expenses are lowered when you move into a smaller apartment.

If you’re on the verge of moving to Frisco, but you’ve not yet settled on the size of apartment you need, here are a few reasons to choose a small and cozy apartment in a studio or one-bedroom size.

Small Apartments Mean Less Time Spent With a Dustpan & Broom

Putting off cleaning is something we all tend to do at one time or another, but having a large residence you must keep clean may result in quite a few missed vacuuming sessions and a lack of time spent dusting. While it’s not necessary to get the vacuum out every day and use it, a small apartment might not feel like such a hassle to clean.

You might have a particularly busy lifestyle with a job in Dallas and a daily commute, which may mean that you only have a limited amount of free time on the weekends. Would you rather spend the entire weekend cleaning the extra rooms in your apartment, or would you like to get your cleaning done in a few hours and have time for shopping with friends?

A Smaller Apartment Means Smaller Utilities

Cooling and heating a huge apartment in Frisco can become rather costly when the weather demands that you put the system on full blast. Heating or cooling rooms you don’t even use that often can mean even more of a waste of resources. Is having that extra, second bedroom really worth the extra money you’ll spend on utilities, or would your money be better used as an investment or in savings?

Not only can you save money in an smaller apartment with a lower rental payment, but you can also waste less money furnishing those rooms and paying to heat and cool them. If you’re moving from a house to an apartment, you can even save money on utilities that are covered within your rent.

Enjoy a Luxury Lifestyle on a Small Budget in a Cozy Apartment

One of the interesting choices you may get to make when you choose between a large apartment and a small apartment is a small yet luxurious Frisco apartment versus a large and plain apartment. Your budget might accommodate a luxurious single-bedroom apartment at Cool Springs or a larger apartment home in an apartment community that doesn’t offer amenities like swimming pools and exercise equipment.

Tip: You may wish to tour a variety of apartments to give you an idea of what a small luxury apartment would offer versus a larger, basic apartment.

Take a Tour of Your Future Apartment Home at Cool Springs

Whether you’re looking for a spacious apartment home or a cozy new residence, we think you’ll find the ideal floor plan at Cool Springs. Frisco is in an excellent location whether you have a job in town or you commute. Get in touch with one of our leasing agents today for a tour, and we’ll show you a variety of floor plans and apartment sizes.

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