Making Your Move to Frisco Easy and Affordable

Moving to a new home brings new adventures and experiences, but those fun times can’t begin until you complete your move with your sanity intact. A move that occurs at the last minute and without some planning and organization may feel stressful, as well as cost a lot more than might be necessary.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take complex or time-consuming steps to save money on your move to an apartment in Friso, Texas. Here are a few ways you can move efficiently, even if the process isn’t totally effortless and requires a little heavy lifting.

Set a Budget and Try to Stick to It

Fun & Adventure Around Frisco ApartmentsCreating a realistic budget is an important step in life whether you’re budgeting your entire household or you’re budgeting a short-term project like a vacation or a relocation. You probably have a general idea of how much money you have set aside (or can set aside) for your move, but it’s best to bring this number from your mind and onto the page.

Write down your total budget and then make a list of all the items you’ll need to buy, arrange, or track. For example, you’ll need a budget for packing supplies, as well as for the movers and the truck. Even if you rely on the generosity of your friends for the move, you’ll still need to buy boxes and tape, as well as offer your friends water during the move and a thank-you dinner after the move.

Don’t forget to include the costs associated with setting up your new Frisco luxury apartment. Even if you secure cable service or telephone service for a rate that’s similar to what you’re already paying, you’ll probably need to deal with a setup fee or some other extra fee associated with starting new service. You may even need to invest in new equipment. Perhaps your new service requires a different modem than the one you used at your old house.

Shop Around for Your Services

At a certain point, you’ll need to shut off the services at your old apartment and start them at your 1-bedroom Frisco apartment. The process can become a little hectic when you have to arrange for a service technician to arrive at a certain time. The best time to arrange those services is at least a few weeks in advance of your move-in date. You might even think about calling those service providers a month in advance, so you don’t have to wait for an appointment.

One interesting step you can take to reduce your costs is to consolidate services you might not need anymore. Are you still paying for a landline and a separate cell phone? You have two choices to save money. You can bundle those services together (with some providers) to save money each month, or you can cancel one of the services entirely. Most people don’t need two phone numbers unless one of them is a business phone.

In addition to cutting back on the services you need, it’s also important to call every one of the available service providers in your area for each service. Not only is comparison shopping the best way to get the lowest price, but you can even try to get a good rate from one company by telling them you found a lower rate with another company.

Come to Your New Frisco Apartment at Cool Springs

We know finding the “perfect” apartment can seem impossible when you’ve been touring apartment after apartment Β in Frisco, Texas, and haven’t found the ideal match. If you’re looking for a conveniently located and classy apartment community to call home, we think you’ll love what Cool Springs has to offer. Get in touch with one of our friendly leasing agents today to talk more about our available 1-and-2 bedroom apartment homes or to book a tour of our property.

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